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a/c install

If a new air conditioning system is needed, DK Air & Heat provides air conditioning installation in the Collin County service area. Our company technicians will evaluate several aspects of your  home or office to determine the most appropriate placement for the system during the air conditioning installation process. Factors that affect placement and size of a new air conditioning unit during the air conditioning installation process include the square footage of the space to be cooled, amount of insulation in walls, ceilings and crawl spaces, how and where to place ducts and thermostats, and where to place the condenser.

If you have any questions about the best air conditioning system for your North Texas home or office, contact the professionals at DK Air & Heat and we will provide you with an economical way to keep your home comfortable for your family.

heating install

We at DK Air & Heat offer a wide variety of furnaces, geothermal heaters, boilers, heating systems, and more. Our energy-saving boilers help cut heating bills, while our geothermal heat pumps enable your household to go green in comfort. Duct-free heating keeps your home quietly comfortable, even in areas with no duct work.

We also have a wide selection of programmable thermostats and controls. These smart thermostats let you control temperature and humidity at the touch of a button, with easy-to-read LED displays. The Carrier Talking Thermostat is ideal for all households, but especially helpful for the elderly and visually disabled.

 maintenance & REpair

Since preventive air conditioning and heating maintenance often means fewer repairs, we offer convenient service agreements. Our customers in the Dallas TX area pay a monthly fee for scheduled maintenance to avoid unpleasant surprises and reduce the need for air conditioning or heating repair. Much like a car, a heating or air conditioning system that’s kept in tip-top shape costs less in the long run.

Problems with your heating system or furnace? At DK Air & Heat we can help, our full trained and certified technicians can quickly diagnose your heating and furnace issue and provide a prompt estimate for heater repair or replacement . Heating maintenance is essential to keeping any home comfortable. Although maintenance and repairs are key factors, there is more to maintaining a home than just heating repair. DK Air & Heat also offers Energy Star evaluations to ensure maximum energy efficiency, as well as carbon monoxide and Freon leak detection.

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